Hello from Edinburrrr, Scotland

So I’ve been here 2 weeks now and I can tell you one thing: it’s cold. I guess it was nice right before I got here but the first week I was here was bad (even according to my friends who are from here): rain and wind and low 60s. The past 6 days or so have been much better – still in the low 60s but at least it’s been sunny; although the wind the past 2 days has been pretty crazy. I now understand why they say Scottish people get to complain, especially since it’s only going to get colder. Definitely am glad I brought all those jackets.

I enjoyed the festival while it was here but am definitely glad the tourists are gone; I was turned away several times at restaurants because they were full due to the festival. If I had had my own apartment and didn’t have to spend time looking, maybe it would have been more enjoyable. I did see a few theater productions – two improvisational shows and one musical parody of the famous yet horrible book series (50 shades of grey). Due to the festival though, I haven’t really seen any of the tourist sites. I’ve avoided going to the castle, for instance, because the stadium bleachers that they put up for the Tattoo are still being taken down and I don’t want to go up there till they are gone. Speaking of the Tattoo – it was sold out in April! They do release tickets every morning but many times there are none and I was never able to get one. So, I’ll just have to go next year. One of the guys I know told me to buy the DVD and then watch it in the shower and it’ll be the same as seeing it live. Haha!

A friend of mine in Seattle hooked me up with one of her friends here named Gillian. Gillian and her brother, Goose (their last name is Wildgoose), are a lot of fun. She lives at home about 45 minutes outside of town but has been coming into town a few times a week before she moves to London in late September. Goose lives in town and hosts pub quizzes, which are a lot of fun to participate to play. Through them I also met a girl named Sarah and though she’ll be getting a masters in biology at the university, we’ll be in buildings right next to each other so we’ve decided to go to all the orientation week activities together (her boyfriend will come along when he’s not working). It’s nice to meet people.

I haven’t heard much from the university, other than getting a big booklet with all the orientation week activities. I have the international student activities, the postgraduate student activities, and the whole university activities, on top of meeting the professors and fellow classmates. This all begins next Saturday, the 6th.

I still do not have a flat. I’ve been staying in a flat I rented online for a short period of time but I have to be out by Wednesday as they’ve rented it out to someone else. So, if I don’t find a place to move in to before then, I’ll have to rent another place for a short period of time. The problem here is that every place was rented for the festival (where people will rent their flat out for 6-8 times what their mortgage is) and now that the festival is over, people are just starting to put their flats online but many aren’t available till October, which is most unhelpful. Those that are available now have stiff competition just to get a viewing of the flat, let alone be chosen as the tenant. I have seen a few places and I have a few more viewings lined up everyday this week, so hopefully something turns up.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully the next time I write I’ll have a place of my own and it will be sunny and 85! (Only one of those things is remotely possible)

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